International Services

Concierge Services

If you do not live in Vancouver and are planning a trip to visit and purchase a property, my team will assist you with all your travel bookings and make recommendations.

Immigration Assistance

If you and your family are interested in immigrating to Canada, my team and I will assist you in this process.  We have a great relationship with the top Vancouver immigration lawyer.  She speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.  If you speak another language, we will also assist you in finding a different immigration lawyer that speaks your native language.

Tax Consulting Services

If you plan on purchasing or selling properties in Vancouver, you need to understand all of the tax regulations. If need be, my team and I will assist you with this.  We have one of the top tax planners in Canada. If you purchase or sell a property through Alex Milne, he will ensure you have the best people working on your financial plan.