The Family Treatment

At our core, the Alexander Milne team is defined by inherent family-ingrained qualities like being honest and transparent, a pillar of trust with our clients. We do business with high integrity and high ambition, doing great by doing good. We're entrepreneurial, independent, investigative, and determined. Though, this is all backboned by an altruistic interest. It's built into our DNA to be generous, respectful, and humble.

“More than real estate, more than buying and selling property and homes, this is about achieving major milestones in life. People have spent years planning, sacrificing, and imagining this eventuality. We're here to make it real.”

There is a tension between the ambitious and excited buyers and sellers trying to get involved in Vancouver's fast-moving real estate market, and the race of realtors to get into the game to make as much money as possible. There's a great lack of cleanliness, honesty, and good business. We pursue an honest, respectful approach to developing communities in a global city. We will challenge industry conventions that have compromised the reputation of Vancouver real estate. This is the new realtor experience.


Hard work and strong values can garner recognition, and we’re proud to share some accolades our real estate team has experienced in the past years.

Our City

It’s a dream to live in Vancouver, to buy the perfect home, and to create your ideal life. This is one of the most significant stages of a person's life, a pivotal moment, around which so much of one's world is anchored.

We’re proud to call Vancouver home, a city rich with cultural diversity, an abundance of nature and environment to enjoy, and all the amenities of a world-class, global city.

We’d love to show you around.

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