Urban Nature

Vancouver boasts the best of a great metropolitan area and superb skyline, balanced with the stunning surroundings of mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and exceptional parks and greenery. From North Shore hiking and biking trails, to Kitsilano beaches, Deep Cove kayaking routes, the endless Vancouver sea wall, the list goes on. The city offers total escape into nature within minutes in every direction.

A Vibrant Metropolitan City

Throughout the Lower Mainland, made of the large and small cities and communities surrounding Vancouver, from Burnaby, New Westminster, to West Van, North Van, and all the way to White Rock and beyond, the metropolitan area features famous sushi restaurants, shopping districts, museums and art galleries of all sizes, notable live music venues and theatres, and four professional sports teams. We’d be happy to make some recommendations.

Our Cultural Community

The fabric of Vancouver is wonderfully defined by its great multiculturalism. Many communities and cultures call Vancouver home, such as European, Asian, South Asian, Arab, Latin American, African, and First Nations communities, and form the eclectic flavours and distinct experiences that make this city so unique and explorable.

About Alex

Alexander Milne is a proud Vancouverite, focused on a realtor experience that feels like you’re dealing with family. In a growing industry, trust, integrity, and expertise are paramount in choosing your real estate advisor.