Selling Advice

Check The Market

Your realtor should give you a comparative market analysis, checking what other houses in your area are selling for, as a basis for comparison for your home. Your realtor should have access to current information such as when, and for how much, other homes sold. It is vital to know this current market data so you understand upward or downward price trends, and when the best time to sell is.

Find A Realtor You Trust

Double-ending is poor industry practice, yet many realtors do it. Alexander Milne and the team have never, and will never, double-end a deal. We feel a realtor should work for your best interest, and your best interests cannot be met with such a conflict of interest. This is the basis of trust, which is the basis for a great realtor-client relationship. It is up to every realtor to decide if they will accept the role of dual agency, should the scenario present itself, however, it is our belief and practice to not offer dual agency.

Make Your Home Its Best

We believe proper home staging and new paint will always help sell your home faster. We will provide guidance and our honest opinion as to whether you require a professional staging company or not. It is important to invest a little in new paint, if the house needs it. This attention to detail makes your house look its best when buyers are enquiring, and can return you more money in your sale.